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Our Story

Who We Are

Our Story

Crafted in the spirit of historic Sonoma and the west, where pioneers make their own destiny, ROWEN is a visionary red wine brand that's unbound by tradition yet grounded by the iconic vineyard Cooley Ranch.

LONGITUDE - 123.163551

LATITUDE - 38.794948

Rowen Wines

Our History

Inspired by the unique qualities of our high-elevation Cooley Ranch vineyard in northeastern Sonoma County, our winemakers returned with ROWEN, a wine using varietals benefitting from the confluence of the mountains, sea and fog of Cooley Ranch, untethered by trends or tradition, yet grounded in the history of the land.

In the far northern reaches of Sonoma County, the Cooley family purchased the first 4,000 acres of what is now Cooley Ranch in 1910. Living the pioneering spirit of the West, it became a place to hunt, fish and be near their Cloverdale family.

Over time, more property was added and in the 1930s, grapes were planted for a short period. In 1972, Cooley Ranch totaled 16,000 acres; grapes were no longer planted on the site.

With the creation of Lake Sonoma in the 1980s, Cooley Ranch then expanded to 21,000 acres and at present is solely owned by the Crawford Cooley family.

Through family relationships, Tom Klein and Crawford Cooley entered a long-term lease in 2002 to develop significant vineyard acreage and as of present, Cooley Ranch is planted to 200 acres of vines.

Cooley Ranch is a unique, remote and wild vineyard that stands apart in the sites of Sonoma County. Its origins are a true testament to the unyielding spirit of the West.